Steel Tower is a modern, fully renovated building that offers various services such as rent of offices or meeting rooms. The white walls in the staircase area needed to be brightened up in a way that would be in line with the purpose of the building.
I created a concept of wallpaintings that unites all four floors and is based on the process of steel production.
Iron ore is extracted from the EARTH. In the next step, it is melted at high temperatures in furnaces, where FIRE enters the production process. Subsequently, it is cooled with WATER and processed in oxygen convectors (AIR), where the carbon content is reduced and unwanted impurities are removed.

On each of the four floors, there is one element simplified into graphic elements. Simplicity of the lines captures the essence of each element and plays out well in the context of modern interiors.
*FIRE [sparkling, whirling, upward direction] *AIR [constant movement, flexibility, lightness]
*EARTH [firmness, stability] *WATER [flow, freshness, round shapes]

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